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Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018 – Responsive

Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018Obtaining links to your site can be a frustrating business. Your search engine optimization program can produce pages that are, technically speaking, perfect – yet they fail to attract links. The Best Premium wp Themes for 2018.

You can get out and start to acquire links through directory submissions, social media and even article directories, however you should also have a healthy percentage of links from other relevant sites. As you start to acquire links from other sites you can assess the search engine optimization value of those links by researching certain factors.

  • 1 – Relevance – The relevance of the page and site that links in to your pages. The more relevant the site or page is, the more value can be placed on that link.
  • 2 – Anchor Text – The anchor text ideally should be your keyword. The closer the anchor text is to that page’s keyword(s) the more value can placed on that link.
  • 3 – Link Placement – Links that appear within content carry more weight than links in a menu. Links a footer may carry even less weight. The content surrounding the link may also be considered when assessing the links weight.
  • 4 – Strength – Strength is the least reliabel part of the equation. A site may display a PageRank of 4, however the real rank at the time may be a 3 or a 5 or any other number. PageRank is a general guide only, however a site with a PR significantly higher than your own should be sort for linking.

These are only some of the factors that can be used. These will provide an overall picture of the strength of any links coming in. Your search engine optimization strategies can then be planned around the value of these incoming links.

Premium WordPress Themes – Creative Link Building

Sometimes you need to be a little creative with your search engine optimization strategies to gain targeted inbound links. Generally speaking we have no control over how other sites links to our pages. Some these techniques may help.

If you are going to ask another webmaster for a link – particularly a reciprocal link – be sure to explain how a link is going to benefit his pages. While you’re at it, include a pre-made html code that they can simply copy and paste – it also means you have control over the anchor text and where the link is going – the ultimate in search engine optimization outcomes.

If distribute a newsletter, offer to advertise a website in your publication in exchange for links back to your pages. You can then filter the ads so that you only publish those that are relevant. It also means you can filter which sites are linking to yours.

Publish testimonials about other sites on some of your pages. When you’re finished, send a link to the testimonial to the webmaster. If it is well written they may not pass up the opportunity to brag about the great review. With some smart search engine optimization work you should be able to work the testimonial into your pages quite naturally.

Using these creative link building ideas as part of your search engine optimization strategies will not result in thousands of links. However, if you are careful and give a little to thought to them you can target web sites with pages that could be of real benefit to your pages. One link that targets the right page and uses the right anchor text could be worth three or four vague links to your home page.

Premium WordPress Themes – DMOZ

In case you forgot, DMOZ recently celebrated their 10th birthday. Forgot? Most people would say, “who is DMOZ?” – sounds a bit like a rap artist perhaps. For many years DMOZ has been a bit of quandary for search engine optimization specialists.

DMOZ is one of the oldest web directories and the popular belief is that having your site listed on DMOZ will greatly improve your rankings. Getting listed on DMOZ does provide a little boost to the rankings, but not enough to justify some of the hype that certain search engine optimization specialists attribute to it.

So they turned 10 – happy birthday! Search engine optimization specialists, rejoice – mind you, we will still take six months to get your submission approved and your site listed – or not depending on whether or not you have worked out the categories properly.

Cheap shots aside, DMOZ listings are a slow process. However a birthday post on their blog made for interesting reading. Like most anniversary events, people look back then look ahead to the future. Perhaps DMOZ can lift its game and become the search engine optimization specialists best friend.

A new era. Does that mean that DMOZ is going to change? Perhaps approve sites in a matter of days or weeks instead of months or years? No! To quote from the blog post again:

Stay tuned to the DMOZ blog. When it comes to search engine optimization – you will still have to wait for a link from DMOZ.

Premium WordPress Themes – Internal Link Building

Acquiring inbound links is one of the primary priorities in search engine optimization strategies. Whilst of secondary benefit, being able to funnel the link juice from inbound links to other pages on your site is also a role of search engine optimization.

We have written several posts related to internal linking and anchor text (Anchor Text For Search Engine Optimization) and using the correct URL’s (URL’s And Search Engine Optimization) amongst other topics.

Search Engine Guide has written a very comprehensive post on the importance of internal linking with an emphasis on contextual internal linking. The post highlights the need to not only keep the internal links within the context of your content, but to also use anchor text within the context. It is a simple search engine optimization strategy that few people use to effect.

Internal links provide at least three benefits:

  • User Satisfaction:
    If you use internal links within your content that directs the user to related content, you are adding value to their experience.
  • Reputation Building:
    As users read your content, if they can easily find more good content on the same subject within your site you will gain a reputation for expertise within that field.
  • Search Engine Rankings:
    Search engine optimization is all about getting the highest rankings possible for search terms. The more links that pages receive, both internal and external, the higher your pages will rank.

The final paragraph in Search Engines Guide really does sum up the search engine optimization effects of internal linking:

This is one of the better references to internal linking and well worth bookmarking for future reference. As this last paragraph suggests, when it comes to search engine optimization, every little bit helps!

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Best Premium WordPress Themes For 2018

Best Premium WordPress Themes For 2018You know that links are important for a well crafted long term search engine optimization program. Best premium WordPress Themes For 2018. Well, build a widget and they (links) will come. Here’s how:

Take your widget and make it available to everyone else on your website. Give them the code to copy/paste into their pages and make it available for both blogs and web pages. Be sure that you are building a widget for something that people will find useful within your niche. If no one finds it useful then no one will use your widget. Make it useful and desirable as a webmaster tool and lots of other webmasters will use it.

A widget can be a good source of backlinks to your website. Every sponsored link that points back to your website is an inbound link offering link juice. Those links translate into search rankings. The more the better, the higher the authority of the sites using your widget the better. And your own reputation increases as well.

Premium WordPress Themes – Nonrelevant Sites Count

Everyone seems to be preoccupied with high PageRank sites within the same niche. But can you get link credit for low-PR, nonrelevant websites?

Just like the words of that old country song from the 1970s:

In this case, it seems that everyone wants to go for the experienced and aged, but if you focus all of your efforts on high PageRank and relevance then you’ll spend a lot of time looking for link love and get laid a lot less often. Is that a viable strategy? Yes. I’m not saying it isn’t. But you don’t have to do it that way.

The reason many new webmasters get stuck on high PR and relevance is because they read an e-book or a blog about search engine optimization that told them those are the best links, which is true. But they aren’t the only links. And you can build a solid base of inbound links with low-PR, nonrelevant websites. You may not get as much link love from a single one of these links as you do from a single high PR, relevant link, but numbers add up. If it came down to 10 of the very best links possible versus 10,000 low-PR, nonrelevant links, give me the 10,000.

But honestly, I see no reason why you can’t have both types of links in your portfolio. Don’t put blinders on. Just build a solid website that attracts links.

Premium WordPress Themes – How Many Links

Anchor text is an important part of the search engine optimization fine tuning that you should do in developing your website content. The search engines not only look at the number of internal links you have on your site, but also what the text in your links say. They are primarily looking for relevance.

This is true whether we are talking about internal links or inbound links. Link relevance is important and anchor text plays a part in that relevance formula.

But what is “anchor text”? Anchor text is the key phrase that you use to link from one page to another. For instance, if you link from Page A to Page B using the key phrase “milk biscuits” then “milk biscuits” is your anchor text.

What makes anchor text important is the content on the page being linked to. Is it about milk biscuits? If not then you just have a link. But if it is then that anchor text can prove to be extremely valuable. The problem is, most decent SEOs know this and Google knows they know this. So to prevent spam from overly influencing its index, Google has decided to place a limit on the amount of anchor text that you can have from one page to another.

This doesn’t affect inbound links to one page from all sources. In other words, if you 1,000 links pointing to your milk biscuits page using the anchor text “milk biscuits” and all of those 1,000 links are form unique pages, those are good anchor text links. But if you have five links using the same anchor text pointing to the same web page from the same web page then you are only going to have one of those links counted. Google won’t count them all. It’s a spam-combatting measure that has been implemented by Google and it works.

Premium WordPress Themes – Credibility

People-powered search engine Mahalo is opening up a new revenue stream for people who have answers. But will it be as useful as Yahoo! Answers, Wiki Answers, or LinkedIn Q&A? Furthermore, what kind of credibility and authority can answerers gain from these systems?

As a matter of course, Yahoo! Answers has become incredibly popular. Google tried something similar but it didn’t work out. Yet, while Google leads in search, Yahoo! has the lead in community knowledge. And users of social network LinkedIn say that the Q&A portion of the service is actually one of the best ways to get new business. Is that all it’s really about?

Practically speaking, if you provide good and useful answers to people’s legitimate questions then you can become somewhat of a trust authority, especially if you are prone to answering questions within a particular niche. But you can also gain some valuable backlinks. So there is a dual benefit. Links from a trust site and a reputation for being a credible, authoritative source. What more could you ask for that can help with your long term search engine optimization efforts?

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