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The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018

The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018JavaScript is an interesting tool. It isn’t crawlable so therefore any links you find in a script will not be crawled back to the source. On the other hand, search engines can detect the inbound links produced from JavaScript. In other words, you can get credit for inbound links that are hidden inside of JavaScript even though the links themselves won’t be crawled by the search engines. The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018.

Before you start talking about using JavaScript for paid links, consider that Google currently doesn’t penalize sites for paid links within JavaScript. But here’s the catch: They may start doing so at any time.

Do you really want to risk paying for thousands of inbound links only to have those links discounted a year or two down the road? That’s a big risk. A better plan is to take a play from Amazon builds links using JavaScript, but those links are affiliate links. With its affiliate program, Amazon has thousands upon thousands of websites building links to it using the company’s autogenerated JavaScripts. These JavaScripts promote a single product or group of products and if a visitor clicks on those links to land on Amazon’s site and make a purchase, the website owner who sent them over to Amazon’s site gets a commission because that site owner’s affiliate ID is programmed into the JavaScript as well.

You can build inbound links using JavaScript if you do it the right way. You don’t have to buy links and hope that Google never changes its policy.

Premium WordPress Themes – Links Flowing

As you start to execute the link building part of your search engine optimization strategy, I would recommend to make sure you always try to keep it natural.

Doug Caverly at smallbusinessnewz reports on Phil Orford, the CEO of the Forum of Private Business, taking a casual 84 mile walk over the four days for a children’s charity. It’s no mean feat and will be reported in dozens of places around the web and the reports will no doubt include links back to his site.

In fact Doug Caverly’s report links to both the web site and the Twitter profile. If you, or one of your employees is involved in a fund raising venture like this, particularly where sponsorship is involved, why not broadcast the fact. At the very least you may end up with more sponsors therefore raising more money for the event. If others pick up the story and link back it’s a bonus – a welcome bonus.

The links you receive are not going to be keyword targeted so they will not be the premium quality you need, however, a link is a link and they do all help. Is it ethical – as I said to at the start, I wouldn’t dash off and do anything just to get links. If you normally participate in a major fund raising event, advertise it and help the event, and yourself.

If your interested, you can sponsor Phil Orford through PayPal on his CCLG site – and there is another link! He is Twittering his way through the event as well and it makes for an interesting read.

Premium WordPress Themes – Link Juice

If you’ve been wondering whether or not to use short URLs, there are some advantages and some disadvantages. From a link building point of view, short URLs send link juice, but not to the destination URL. Rather, they send link juice back to the redirection service, the URL shortener.

Here’s what happens when someone clicks on a short URL:

They first go to the short URLs website (this is very brief as you’ll see in a moment)
Then they are redirected to the destination page, the page represented by the URL the shortened URL represents

Because traffic is first diverted to the short URL service, and link value along with it, you are adding link juice to the link vault of the URL shortening service rather than the website of the page you want your visitors to go to. That may or may not be important. If it is a page on your own website then you’d be better off using the long URL. If it is on a property that you own or that you want to build links to then you should use the long URL. If the site is an affiliate site and you are just trying to earn money from your visitors then the short URL service may be more beneficial than not.

This is one of those things where you have to weight the good with the bad. Just know that short URLs services don’t pass link juice to the final destination page and if you want that, don’t use the short URL service.

Premium WordPress Themes – Develop Authority

You hear this word “Authority” thrown around these days. People use it for all kinds of reasons. In one sense, authority is a word that describes the depth of a person’s knowledge. On another level, it simply means the power to which an individual has been elevated over others. Either way, people respect it.

Authority can be abused. It can be acquired in less than honorable ways. But when legitimate, authority is a powerful force and when used for good it’s even more powerful. And that’s why you want to focus your efforts on becoming an authority in your niche.

A strongly search engine optimized website is good, but it will only take you so far. Authority, however, will take you to the ends of the earth and back again. And when you’ve achieved a certain level of authority, about the only thing that can take you down is your own stupidity, a big mistake, an ethical blunder, or a crime. Otherwise, if you are considered an authority by a large mass of people then you can ride a long way on the tallest waves just on that alone.

The problem with authority is that it takes a long time to build. It doesn’t happen overnight. Sure, you might have never heard of a certain individual then overnight they popped up on the radar screen, making it seem like they achieved instant success. But their authority has any real value, you can bet they spent years developing it. And you will too. But it’s well worth it.

Brian Clark wrote a free e-book titled Authority Rules. It’s a darn good read. If you don’t know who Brian Clark is then you are probably new to blogging and possibly even Internet marketing. Or you may just not be paying attention. But he’s one of the most respected authorities on blogging and authority so he’s someone you should listen to. It will tell you the 10 things you should do to develop authority in your niche and you don’t even have to pay for it.

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Premium WordPress Themes

Premium WordPress ThemesA well thought out search engine optimization plan is important to the survival of a website but let’s take a step back for a moment. Best free and premium wp themes for any website.

Does your website look good? If you landed on your site would you submit your information or buy anything? Many business owners try to save money by building a website themselves. If you are not a designer leave it up to the professionals. A professionally designed website is just as important as your online marketing efforts. What good is driving traffic to a website if it doesn’t convert well due to poor design and layout?

If you are looking for web design quotes Quote Catcher has made it very easy for you. With an easy three step process Quote Catcher can find the right web design firm that fits into your style and budget. Don’t worry about being bothered by a few hundred different design firms either, QuoteCatcher only sends out your information to five different vendors depending on your provided information. QuoteCatcher is safe an easy to use so you know that your personal information is safe once you submit. Finding the right web design firm could difficult an overwhelming. Quote Catcher gives you a helping hand on deciding the right one for any product or audience.

Premium WordPress Themes – Always Accurate

Part of your search engine optimization strategy is the study of analytics particularly when it comes to where your visitors are coming from and what search terms they are using to find you.

I know some search engine optimization consultants keep a daily watch on sites to track exactly what effects their actions are having on the sites they have been optimizing. It seem that, for about a week, Google analytics had problems with their databases and data displayed was incorrect. The admission from Google was simple and straightforward:

Google Analytics experienced a data processing error from April 30th to May 5th. Almost all of the data has been recovered and is currently being reprocessed. The recovered data will be reflected in your reports within a few days. Please note that a small percentage of data, particularly in the area of e-commerce reporting, was not recoverable from those dates.

If you do rely on Google Analytics then you may see some strange results for that period in early May. Search engine optimization can be an inexact science at the best of times, relying on analytics that may at times be astray on increases the inexact aspects. I wonder how many consultants went back to their strategies to see why they weren’t receiving the expected results?

Sometimes it pays to use an analytics source that has a fee associated with it. When using a free service there is little recourse for any search engine optimization consultant to recoup extra expenditure caused by the incorrect data supplied. At least with a paid service you could expect some level of accountability.

Consultants often rely on analytics to track the progress of the sites that they are working on; poor data can lead to poor decisions. Find an accurate data source and your search engine optimization strategies can at least be undertaken efficiently.

Premium WordPress Themes – Custom Search

If you have Adsense for Search options on your web site then you will be interested to know that Google have updated the search facility and it is now powered by Custom Search. As the name implies, you can customize many of the search features for your web site (or blog).

These features include:(courtesy of Adsense blog)

  • Site Search: you can choose to provide just site search so users can find all the information they’re looking for on your site.
  • Improved indexing of your pages:AdSense for search will now index even more pages of your site, as long as we’re able to crawl them, so that your users will see more results from your site in your AdSense for search results.
  • Vertical search:You can also allow your users to search across multiple sites – this could be a network of sites that you own or other related sites that you think your users might find useful.
  • Tuning search results and ads with keywords: Search terms can have different meanings in different contexts, so you can now configure your search engine with relevant keywords.
  • Selecting ad location: Do you want ads to appear at the top and bottom of your search results? Or along the right sidebar as well, just like on Now you can make the call on where ads are placed.
  • Quick and easy updates: Just as you use our ad management feature to quickly change the settings for your ad and referral units, you’ll be able to do the same for your search engine within your AdSense account.

This should provide a much better system and possibly a better return for publishers using Adsense for Search. Customization is certainly an improvement on the previous search options.

Premium WordPress Themes – Top 20

One feature I like about Google Webmaster Central is the Top 20 Queries tool. You can check to see what the top 20 queries for each of your websites are AND which ones are the most clicked on. This information is helpful to you as a webmaster for a couple of reasons. First, you need to know how people are finding your website. The top 20 queries allows you to see at a glance what queries people are seeking information on and which ones your site appears for. It even tells you the lineup in the SERPs for the pages you rank for. Secondly, if you see pages that you rank for but you are not appearing in the second column for (which queries people are clicking on) then you need to re-optimize those pages or tweak them so that you “get the click.”

Another detail that you can glean from this information is keywords you want to rank for but don’t. If pages that you want to rank for do not appear in the first list then you need to figure out a way to get them there. It may mean you need to optimize those pages better or it could mean you need more link building. Whatever the case, it’s time to analyze and see how you can keep improving. Search queries tell you a lot of information about where you fall in line against your competitors for your Search Engine Optimization efforts. Pay attention to them.

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Premium WordPress Themes by 7Theme – Trending

Premium WordPress Themes by 7ThemeCan You SEO Your Site With Social Media? It seems that social media marketing is growing in popularity while search engine optimization is shrinking. But can you do both simultaneously? Can you optimize your site with social media marketing? Best premium wordpress themes by 7theme for your business websites.

One thing is for sure: You can build a certain number of inbound links with social media marketing. This won’t make your site great, but it will help. You build a profile at several social media sites and the links in your profile count as inbound links. Be sure to check and make sure that this is the case with a particular site that you want to use. Not all sites will give you link juice, but many of them do. Here’s a short list of sites you should have profiles at:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • BlogCatalog
  • StumbleUpon
  • Propeller
  • Digg
  • Delicious
  • MySpace
  • Bebo (if in the UK)

Make sure that if you set up a social media profile to go ahead and use the site. Many social media sites rise in the rankings for your profile if you use them often. Facebook and StumbleUpon do for sure.

Premium WordPress Themes – SEO Vs. Social Media

It’s amazing, but online marketers are still arguing about which is better – SEO or social media. I don’t know why it has to be either/or. Why can’t it be both?

Well, it should be. Marketers need to learn to make SEO and social media work together. They’re two different tools with two different purposes and learning how to make both work for you is key to being successful online.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the practice of building a website that ranks in the search engines for keywords that you want to target. Social media is not SEO, but it can have SEO implications and knowing how to fit it into your overall marketing plan will serve you well. When you optimize for social media you are trying to build relationships based on trust with people you will likely never meet in life. Knowing what social media users want versus what search engines and searchers want is the first step to integrating the two strategies for maximum marketing mojo.

The next time you hear two online marketers arguing over whether SEO or social media is better, give a soft response: “I use both quite effectively.”

Deep Linking To YouTube Videos Now Possible. YouTube has announced that you can now deep link to within their videos. Don’t want to link to the complete video and waste your viewers’ time by forcing them to watch the complete 20 minute clown act of two sisters jump roping when the really funny part about one of them getting the rope wrapped around her neck happens at 10:25? Then just deep link to the 10:25 point in the video and be done with it. Here’s how:

Add the extender #t=1m15s to the end of the YouTube video URL. Your site visitors that click that link to see the video will jump right into the middle of it where you want them to rather than see it from the beginning. But what does the extender mean?

Glad you asked. The 1m15s means 1 minute, 15 seconds, which is the time reference of the video where you want your visitors to jump to. Sorry. You get no link juice for deep linking to a video, but YouTube does.

Premium WordPress Themes – The Drama Continues

I had recently written a post about Facebook’s “new and improved” account deletion tactics on our social marketing journal which you can read here, so just when I thought things where over they have started all over again.

Just to give you a brief synopsis on how useless Facebook is starting to become, and I don’t mean to go on a negative rant here but it is important for everyone to grasp this large swing in Facebook’s direction. After using Facebook for over year networking with other young professionals in the community consistently joining groups and taking time to meet others related to my interests and actively building up my profile with a healthy amount of professional contacts, which mind you is what I thought was one of the points of “social networking” the Facebook police has decided to shut my new account down that I launched right after the prior one got shut down which is only about 15 days old. Let me tell you my former account got shut down because I did too many friend requests, now I know what you are thinking because I thought this as well. Isn’t the whole point of social networking is to meet others with like interests? Why would I join a social networking website and only connect with people I know, make no sense to me at all.

Definition of Social Networking according to

Definition: the use of a website to connect with people who share personal or professional interests, place of origin, education at a particular school, etc.

With my new account I connected with a few people and let it sit because I had such a big distaste in my mouth for this new strategy that I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with the new account. The point I am trying to make here is that I totally agree with not abusing or spamming these powerhouse social networking sites but if I wanted to only connect with people I knew I would just pick up the phone and call them. If you are not allowed to connect with people you do not know than Facebook will eventually become useless. I have done some searches online and this has been happening to many others in the community. At this point I get more satisfaction out of using Google’s Orkut social networking site because they are not leaning over my shoulder making sure I connect with people that I have share air with before. Pretty soon Facebook will be requesting a blood test in order to connect with someone. Frankly, Facebook is really starting to generate some bad press for themselves with this new tactic. I’m not the only one this has effected, here is a link to another deleted Facebook account that will raise an eyebrow as well

For anyone out there who has had this happen to them please let us know. We are curious to hear your similar stories on this issue.

Premium WordPress Themes – Social Networking Has Great SEO Potential

For many website owners, social networking has been a means to a traffic building end, however, the real benefit can be in the potential it holds to boost your off page search engine optimization strategies.

If you consider the basic principles of social networking, it is a means of linking up with likeminded people. Whether your social networking is through forums, sites such as Myspace or Facebook, or using social sites such as Blogcatalog or even Stumble Upon, the opportunity is there to meet other people with similar interests or from the same niche as yourself. There are obvious SEO benefits to some of these sights. You can link your profile to your websites and, when it comes to social bookmarking, you can have content bookmarked with links back to those pages.

That is not networking. Networking is an active engagement of other people. Discussing on-topic issues, even at times discussing off- topic, although someone often finds a way to link it back to their topics. By networking with others you are building a group that will, overtime, rely on each other. Members of the group will visit each other’s pages, often looking for inspiration on what to publish next. When someone from the group finds some of your content worthy of expanding on, chances are they will link back to your article as part of theirs – you would hope so anyway. Off page SEO depends in the main on acquiring these back links.

By socializing through some of these social sites, you will build a band of followers. They will follow you back to your pages and they will link back to you – it becomes a form of social search engine optimization.

The more authority you can develop through these social network scenes, the more links you will acquire – the basic tenet of all SEO.

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